How to Choose the Best Domain Name (Tips and Tools)

What is the appropriate domain name for my blog?  A question that interests everyone who wants to build a professional blog for the purpose of profit from the Internet, and I will accompany you step by step, explaining to you the ways to choose the appropriate domain name for the nature of your blog’s domain.

For example, this site I chose for it the name “The Art of Profit”, because it is specialized in make money from the Internet, so I thought of a name for myself alone, I did not want to choose famous words such as (seo - makemoney - marketing) and preferred that the domain be ( .

 If your site is foreign, you can use some methods that will help you choose a domain name, including Google's Keyword Planner tool. It is enough to write the word that your market is famous for, and the tool will give you a lot of ideas and appropriate words.

Example 1: The idea of ​​a domain specializing in swimming

As you can see , the tool gave me a lot of words that might fit a distinct domain name for your website. For example, I caught my eye on the word “swimming world”  a very appropriate name for the site, although I expect that it is already reserved.

I will then go to the domain registration site at the following link:

 And we will put our word “” without a space between the two words + the extension of the site (com - net - org ... etc.) and I advise choosing the well-known extension com. And choose One .

One of you will say: Why will I need hosting and can I build a blog on Blogger for free?

 I tell you: Your words are correct and reasonable, but in Blogger your site is completely controlled by Google, and your site may be deleted - God forbid - suddenly, whether intentionally or unintentionally, while the hosting is in which you are the owner of the site and you control it however you want, and you can transfer or sell it.

 Also, buying a hosting enables you to install WordPress, which is characterized by its open field of plugins and templates, which help you to appear your site very beautiful, fast and popular with search engines.

 What is required of you!

 After you choose the appropriate domain name for your site, you will move to the most important step, which is to purchase high-specification hosting, on which you build your site with the wonderful WordPress system, and install on it a distinctive template that suits your profit style.

 Should I buy a domain before I buy hosting?

 Many hosts offer a free domain while signing up for their plans, and I have put together a comprehensive guide to the best suitable hosting for creating a professional WordPress blog.


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